Saypha Filler Lidocaine for sale

Saypha Filler Lidocaine for sale


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Saypha Filler Lidocaine for sale

Saypha Filler with Lidocaine consists of a sterile gel that is transparent and a mixture of non-soluble components. It’s main advantages are to smooth out wrinkles and folds within the contours of the face. Also used popularly in increasing the volume of lips.Saypha Filler Lidocaine for sale

Saypha Filler with Lidocaine has been tested by several trained and certified customers using the Hyaluron Pen and is referred to as a compatible product. It could be conjured up with the pen, giving needleless painless results.Saypha Filler Lidocaine for sale

Saypha Filler (Princess Filler) is a highly-cross linked gel dermal filler, containing non-animal Hyaluronic acid with a concentration of 23 mg/ml.

Saypha Filler Lidocaine for sale – Buy Saypha Filler Lidocaine Online

It is a universal product that is well known for creating the perfect lips, whilst erasing all signs of wrinkles and tear troughs. It can be used all over the face to correct medium wrinkles such as:

Glabellar Lines
Forehead Furrows
Nasolabial Folds
Marionette Lines
Perioral Lines
When it comes to reshaping lips and creating the perfect pout, Saypha Filler can be used to:

Create voluminous and sexy sensual lips
Sculpt and shape the contours of the lips
Administering Saypha Filler

Packaged as one pre-filled syringe of 1ml.

Saypha Filler should be injected into the mid to deep dermis using the pre-filled syringe and a 27G needle.

Store between 2℃ and 25℃ away from sunlight. Do not freeze.

As a stockist, we do not give advise on treatments.

You are advised to use a medical professional who can administer the treatment for you.

What are the side effects of using this treatment?

Saypha Filler has no risks associated and no side effects should occur. Thanks to Croma’s 30 years of experience in research, development and distributing safe anti ageing products.Buy Saypha Filler Lidocaine Online


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